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-- Southern Hemisphere ADditional OZonesondes

An Archive of sub/tropical and remote ozonesonde data
Data Disclaimer:

The data on this website are subject to revision and reprocessing. Check dates of creation to download the most current version. Contact the station PIs for questions concerning data techniques and quality.

Access to SHADOZ data is free to the public. Whenever substantial use is made of their data, you accept that an offer of co-authorship will be made through personal contact. In all cases, an acknowledgement must be made to the data co-investigators and SHADOZ when these data are used in publication. Click here for a list of contact information on the SHADOZ station PI's

SHADOZ reserves the right to limit access to the Data Archive and to alter or change the layout and content of the website.


Current Sites Most recent Profile
Ascension Is., U.K. 2018-09-26
Costa Rica (currently San Pedro) 2018-10-19
Hanoi, Vietnam 2018-06-28
Hilo, Hawaii 2018-10-24
Irene, S. Africa 2018-11-07
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 2018-05-24
La Réunion Is, France 2018-01-22
Nairobi, Kenya 2018-10-31
Natal, Brazil 2018-05-02
Paramaribo, Surinam 2018-04-17
Pago Pago, Am. Samoa 2018-10-31
San Cristobal, Galapagos 2016-01-07
Suva, Fiji 2018-10-09

CITATION - If you use SHADOZ data please cite the following articles:
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  • Thompson, A. M., J. C. Witte, C., Sterling, A., Jordan, B. J., Johnson, S. J. Oltmans, ... Thiongo, K. (2017). First reprocessing of Southern Hemisphere Additional Ozonesondes (SHADOZ) ozone profiles (1998-2016): 2. Comparisons with satellites and ground-based instruments. Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, 122, 13,000-13,025.
  • Witte, J. C., Thompson, A. M., Smit, H. G. J., Vömel, H., Posny, F., & Stübi, R. (2018). First reprocessing of Southern Hemisphere ADditional OZonesondes profile records: 3. Uncertainty in ozone profile and total column. Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, 123, 3243-3268.
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Former Sites Period
Cotonou,Benin 2005-2007
Malindi, Kenya 1999-2006
Papeete, Tahiti 1998-1999
Watukosek-Java, Indonesia 1998-2013

SHADOZ Campaign Data
SHADOZ-SAFARI/SAVE 2000 Sept 2000: Southern African Research Initiative / Southern Africa Validation of EOS - ozonesondes launched at the Lusaka, Zambian Meteorological Agency DATA
Aerosols99 Atlantic Cruise Jan/Feb 1999: Daily ozonesonde launches were made, in transit, from the Atlantic to Indian Oceans DATA
SHADOZ-INDOEX Jan-Mar 1999: Daily ozonesondes from the Kaashidhoo Observatory, Maldives (5N,73.5E) DATA
PEM-TROPICS B/SOWER Feb-Mar 1999: Christmas Island ozonesondes DATA
CR-AVE Panama ozonesondes July-Aug 2007 DATA