SEACIONS Principal Investigators
Dr. Anne M. Thompson (NASA/GSFC)
Dr. Henry B. Selkirk (NASA/GSFC & USRA)

SEACIONS (SouthEast American Consortium for Intensive Ozonesonde Network Study) during summer 2013: A strategic approach to determining convective impacts on Tropospheric Ozone and TTL gravity waves

Our scientific foci address SEAC4RS goals of satellite product validation (cf IONS-06, Doughty et al., 2011), convective and wave signatures in ozone [Morris et al., 2010a; Selkirk et al., 2010; Thompson et al., 2010], interaction of urban pollution with convection, and empirically derived tropospheric ozone budgets (Thompson et al., 2011a,b; see also Oltmans et al., 2010).

Operational Sites
Boulder, CO (40.0N, 105.2W) PI: Samuel Oltmans (NOAA/ESRL),
Bryan Johnson (NOAA/ESRL)
OSU Kiamichi Forestry Research Station, Idabel, OK (33.90N, 94.75W) PI: Gary Morris (Valparaiso University)
Houston Ellington Field, TX (29.6N, 95.2W) PI: Anne Thompson (NASA/GSFC) & Henry Selkirk (NASA/GSFC & USRA)
Huntsville, AL (35.3N, 86.6W) PI: Mike Newchurch (University of Alabama in Huntsville)
Smith Point, TX (29.55N, 94.78W) PI: Anne Thompson (NASA/GSFC)
Socorro, NM (34.6N, 106.9W) PI: Ken Minschwaner (New Mexico Tech)
St. Louis, MO (38.6N, 90.2W) PI: Jack Fishman (Saint Louis University) & Gary Morris (Valparaiso University)
Tallahassee, FL (30.4N, 84.3W) PI: Henry Fuelberg (Florida State University)

Data Disclaimer and Guidelines:
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