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INTEX-NA image

INTEX-NA (INtercontinental chemical Transport EXperiment - North America)

Mission Planning Images: A NASA/NOAA Aircraft Mission

Products available on this site are provided by Anne Thompson (PI) and Co-Investigators - K. Pickering, L. Pfister, R. Selkirk, J. Witte and T. Kucsera

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Image of DC-8 Airplane

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To retrieve analyses for the day of interest:

Select Year, Month, Day, Hour (GMT) and Forecast hour of interest from the following pull-down menus, then click the SUBMIT button below.

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Note --> 18 GMT hour analyses are generated and it is possible that not all images may be available.

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Click here for Convective influence forecast plots

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INTEX-NA Ozonesonde Network (ION) Study Database

INTEX-NA Ozonesonde Study Network database

To access the INTEX-NA Ozonesonde Network Database, either click the image above or click HERE
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Product Image Labeled in Archive as:
Air Parcel Exposure to Aircraft Products Fuel, NOx, HC, CO [kg/day]
EAYYYYMMDDHH_FHXX, Press sfc's = 700,500,300 hPa, and also on theta sfc's = 325,340 K
Lightning Exposure ELYYYYMMDDHH_FHXX, Press sfc's = 500,300 hPa, Theta sfc's = 325, 340 K
Dust Exposure EDYYYYMMDDHH_FHXX, 850,700,500 hPa pressure sfc's
Reverse domain fill -
Ertel's Potential Vorticity
RDYYYYMMDDHH_FHXX, on Theta sfc's= 325, 340 K
Tropopause Height (Kft) THYYYYMMDDHH_FHXX
Ertel's Pot. Vort., Mont. Strm. Func, Winds PTYYYYMMDDHH_FHXX,
on Theta sfc's = 360, 355, 350, 345, 340, 335, 330, 325 (K)
Temp. field, Geopotenial Ht, Winds PPYYYYMMDDHH_FHXX,
on Press sfc's = 925, 850, 700, 500, 300, 250 (hPa)
Relative Humidity images SPFHYYYYMMDDHH_FHXX,
on Press sfc's = 925, 850, 700, 500, 300, 250 (hPa)
Cloud Mass Flux images CDMSYYYYMMDDHH_FHXX,
on Press sfc's = 850, 700, 500, 300 (hPa)
Detrainment Cloud Mass Flux images CDDTYYYYMMDDHH_FHXX,
on Press sfc's = 850, 700, 500, 300 (hPa)
Area Field of Kinematic 5-day Back Trajectories BFYYYYMMDDHH_FHXX, on Press sfc's= 850,700,500,300 hPa, Theta sfc's=325,340 K
Regional TOMS Aerosol Index images TNYYYYMMDD, Daily images
Global TOMS Aerosol Index images TSYYYYMMDD, Daily images
Regional Lightning Count images LNYYYYMMDD, Daily images
Vertical Curtain Plot along flight path CPYYYYMMDDHH_FHXX
Kinematic 5-day Back Trajectories for Flight Path BTYYYYMMDDHH_FHXX

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Archived images generated for the Pre-INTEX study from June-August 2002 can be found by clicking HERE
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Principal Investigator and
Responsible NASA Official:
Dr. Anne M. Thompson

NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC)
Atmospheric Chemistry and Dynamics Branch
Code 614, Greenbelt, MD 20771
Team Members:
K. E. Pickering - UMD pickerin@atmos.umd.edu
L. Pfister - NASA pfister@mindego.arc.nasa.gov
R. Selkirk - selkirk@mindego.arc.nasa.gov
J. Witte - SSAI witte@code916.gsfc.nasa.gov
T. L. Kucsera (products/web manager)- SSAI at GSFC tlk@code916.gsfc.nasa.gov

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